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By Corley

Last post I provided some guidelines for how to choose a photo booth. In this post I will discuss the why. So, why choose a photo booth for your event? The short answer is because they are insanely, stupid, fun. People love getting cray cray in the photo booth. It lightens the mood, gets the party started, and keeps the party going. This is not hyperbole folks. The music sets a mood and has a very special role but the photo booth adds a whole new dynamic.

Not only does the booth rock the party and keep on rolling the party but it provides brilliant pictures for sentimental value. You get to see all the fun your guests were having that you may have missed due to obligations and/or lacking omnipotence. Your guests get something to take home that they are excited about, no need to stress about party favors.

The scrapbook can stand in for a sign-in book and the guest of honor or party host gets to keep copies of all the photos. Guests using the booth get digital copies along with their prints.

For Corporate events with a larger budget the software has several features, such as facial recognition, which prints for everyone in the photo. Photo booth companies (Stardust Photo Booths) can help market your product/service by branding the prints as well as the backdrop, they can even use vinyl to brand their equipment for the event. Social media sharing kiosks are available as well as the opportunity to feature a video of your company.

Did I mention how fun photo booths are?

Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Sweet 16 and Quince’s. The value is well worth it and can add a lot to your event. When people see a photo booth at an event they know it’s the real deal. While it is not essential to having a good time, there are lots of little things done for parties that add up and could easily be traded for a photo booth.

At my wedding I paid for a guest book, party favors, and created a little make shift photo booth station (which was not used) and spent at least $500 on those items with meh results. Most of the party favors were left behind, the guest book unsigned and the photo station was lackluster, with poor lighting and no intrigue. To keep the guests entertained at my wedding, especially the young ones we broke out in freeze tag. I still have then red dirt stains in my dress to prove it, lest I veer too far off course…

We have various packages to meet different budgets and suit different events. If you are on the fence, weigh your options. I was afraid to look into some of the add-ons for my wedding because I didn’t see the value. Eliminate what you don’t need or want, such as obligatory knick knacks, etc to create space for a great service and product you can enjoy long after the event is over. Treat yourself!

Corley Correa

Corley Correa