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How to Choose a Good Photo Booth


By Corley

Not all photobooths are equal, it is a revived industry that has undergone a lot of change since the stationary photobooth of bygone days. The possibilities are limitless. What we think is important in chosing a photobooth for your party is:

a friendly and fun attendant
high quality equipment, a DSLR camera and a professional printer. Some companies have very low prices because they use cheap equipment. We have heard stories of companies using cheap printers that quit working during the party or simply can’t keep up. Also the camera and lighting are important features to ask about. Some companies use ipads for their camera which can serve certain functions but just make sure you know the difference when choosing.
a company that is willing to work around your schedule and party, i.e. make sure they aren’t setting up during the middle of a ceremony.
fun and professional, knows how to engage guests, get them to act silly but also keeps it classy and organized so that things go according to plan. This is especially important at weddings. You don’t want people going loud and crazy in the photobooth during toasts or first dance moments.
Be open minded to open air, we understand the title photobooth makes you think of a booth but the fun thing about photobooths is the experience. The set-up can definitely make or break the vibe. Open air with a stunning backdrop and maybe even some side curtains for added privacy allow guests in line to engage and get in on the fun. We think it’s so much fun for everyone to get involved and egg each other on. It keeps people around and in a line that is alive. There are endless varieties of backdrops now that can perfectly match your theme as well that are fun to show off and add to the ambience. Why hide all the fun in a little box?

Corley Correa

Corley Correa