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About stardust events

We are a passionate, family-owned & operated event business. We take pride in offering an experience that is friendly, quality, customized to our unique clients and fun!

We saw a need for event services that offer great value & are modern, responsive and up front. Chasing around a lot of vendors can be a full time job in and of itself and we know if you are out there "adulting" this can sap some joy from your special events. We created our service to alleviate some of the stress in planning by offering great packages at affordable prices without compromising the service.

We both have experience as teachers, servers, and entertainers of sorts. We enjoy the playful nature of our business and also cherish the moments we provide for your special events. It's not uncommon for us to be seen crying during toasts, smiling from ear to ear during all the celebratory moments, dancing to our favorite songs & greeting our client with big bear hugs upon first face to face. 

"and the rest is just rust and stardust" Vladimir Nobokov